Belarus’ appeal against International Paralympic Committee suspension upheld

MINSK, 12 May (BelTA) – The Independent Appeals Tribunal of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) has upheld the appeals by Russia and Belarus against their suspension by the International Paralympic Committee based on a “technicality”, BelTA learned from Chairman of the Belarusian Paralympic Committee Oleg Shepel.

He said that the participants of the Doha session took the side of Belarus after hearing all the evidence. According to Oleg Shepel, the decision of the IPC Tribunal emphasizes that the Belarusian Paralympic Committee and Belarusian athletes have initially been right. “We have never violated international sports laws. We have always strictly followed the accepted rules. That is why the decision to exclude the Belarusian Paralympians from the international competitions was absolutely unauthorized,” Oleg Shepel said. He also expressed special gratitude to the highly professional Belarusian lawyers, who had freely provided great assistance in preparing the necessary documents.

Oleg Shepel added that Belarusian and Russian athletes remain barred from competitions. He stressed that according to the IPC Constitution, the decisions of the independent tribunal are not retroactive, so in September we can expect the final return of the Belarusian and Russian Paralympians to the international arena. Next time the status of Belarus’ and Russia’s membership in the IPC will be discussed at the General Assembly in Bahrain on 28-29 September.

The membership of the Paralympic Committees of Belarus and Russia in the IPC was suspended in November 2022.

The two countries were suspended by the IPC in November 2022.


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